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Fun & Positive Dog Training

Teaching your dog is about trust and rewards, not intimidation and fear. Positive reinforcement training has been proven by scientists and behavior experts to change and shape behavior better and faster than any other technique. As an ABC-certified dog trainer based in South Tampa, I’ve been training dogs and their people with fun and simple positive-learning methods since 2011. The results are always remarkable! When dogs are happy and having fun working for you, wonderful things happen. Not to mention that your bond with them grows.

I started my training as an apprentice for Andrea Arden at Andrea Arden Dog Training in New York City, then became a dog trainer there. I have led Puppy Classes, Adolescent Behavior Classes, Small Dog Behavior Classes, run Puppy Playgroups and taught many private lessons. I have also volunteered numerous hours in shelters. I have attended dog behavior training seminars by Dr. Ian Dunbar, Sue Sternberg, Denise Fenzi, as well as spent a week as a student at Pat Miller's positive dog training camp on her farm -- Peaceable Paws -- in Clinton, Maryland.

I now live in South Tampa and address all your dog training needs: house training, chewing, barking, jumping, puppy nipping, walking well on leash, reactivity to dogs or people, prevention of guarding objects, and so much more.  


So stop yelling at your dog and put that choke collar away. I look forward to meeting you.

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Helping You Help Your Dog


Hazel is a 6-month old puppy who is learning how to "stay", with her owner taking it in slow steps. She has learned that holding it together and waiting is what gets her a little treat! This helps her love to wait.


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"I want to be the person my dog thinks I am."


1-hour private dog training lesson in your home in S Tampa, $75

3-pack dog training lessons, $205

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